Using storage units as an extention of your home

Getting Ready to Move: You’ve Hired the Movers, but What About the Packers?

15 July

Moving your household is a lot of hard, heavy work. If money is tight and you have to choose between professional movers and professional packers, most people will go with the movers and do the packing themselves. However, there are a few things you need to consider before completely dismissing the idea of having professional […]

Moving? Make Sure You Pack With The Unpacking Process In Mind

26 May

Moving is a huge endeavor. After you’ve already put everything into boxes, loaded it into a moving truck, and then carried it into your new residence, you’re not going to look forward to then unpacking everything. So, do yourself a favor and follow these tips during the packing process. They’ll make the unpacking process a […]

Preparing Fragile Items For A Long Distance Move

01 February

If you are moving to a new home in an area far from your current location, you are most likely making preparations with a moving company, like United Moving and Storage, to bring your belongings. Long distance movers will transport your items directly to your new home while watching over them, giving you peace of mind […]

The Mass Market Paperback Lover’s Guide To Packing Old Books

10 August

To the serious book lover, a well-read paperback is like an old soldier; bruised and battered, but still willing to serve. Although they don’t get the respect of their more “literary” cousins, mass market paperbacks can be just as valuable to their owners as a rare first edition. If it’s time to pack up your […]

How To Choose A Storage Unit For Doomsday

24 July

Preppers all over the world are constantly gearing up to face the next civilization destroying challenge. Currently, around 3 million Americans consider themselves to be preppers, and they firmly believe in being better safe than sorry. No matter whether you’re preparing to deal with war, economic collapse or a pandemic, you’ll find a storage unit able […]

Self Storage Tips For Your RV

14 July

Lack of room or strict home owner’s association rules may leave you with no space on your property for your RV. Fortunately, many self-storage facilities offer RV parking. Choosing the right facility and preparing your RV properly for storage ensures it remains safe and secure. The following guide can help you with this process.  Covered […]

Make Your Move Early By Arriving Before Your Kids

25 June

Even though there is often a measure of anticipation and excitement about moving to a new city, there still may be feelings of sadness that come from leaving friends and family behind. This may be especially true when children are involved. Here are a few ideas for if you arrive before the rest of your […]

Moving Your Small Business

16 June

Often, moving your business is a positive financial sign. You have simply outgrown your current spot and now need to move your employees and inventory to another, better location. No matter how thrilled you are to be relocating, the task of safely moving can be daunting. Careful preparation before the move can make the transition […]

Three Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit

05 June

As you stumble though your basement closet in a fruitless effort to find a specific photo album from your youth — only to come across some clothing from the 1980s, a china set you’ve never used and a few broken kid toys — you swear it’s time to make a change. But, let’s face it, it […]

Tips To Stay Organized During Your Upcoming Interstate Relocation

19 May

With your home filling with boxes and your To-Do list growing by the hour, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by your upcoming interstate relocation. Knowing how to stay organized can help your relocation go smoothly, which can reduce your stress and make the overall experience more positive. Make a Binder Maybe you’re looking for a new […]