Preparing Fragile Items For A Long Distance Move


If you are moving to a new home in an area far from your current location, you are most likely making preparations with a moving company, like United Moving and Storage, to bring your belongings. Long distance movers will transport your items directly to your new home while watching over them, giving you peace of mind you would not get with a shipping company. When using an out-of-state moving service, you will still want to package fragile items appropriately so they make the long haul without any damage. Here are some tips to use when preparing your breakables for a move.

Preparing Dishes And Glasses

Fine china dinnerware and stemware are items that many worry about during a long ride in a moving truck. Since these items often hold sentimental value in addition to having monetary worth, packaging should be done carefully with each individual piece. Use pieces of bubble wrap to contain each dish or glass. Wrap it securely around each piece and use tape to hold it in place. When stacking dishes in a box, put a piece of cardboard between each bubble wrapped item to give stability to the stack. When packaging stemware, place a cardboard bottle separator inside the box first. Go to your local liquor store to ask for these inserts. Use packing peanuts to fill any voids around the items before taping the box shut.

Packaging Electronics Appropriately

Electronic equipment should be placed in its original packaging, if possible. Many people save this packaging in case they need to move items. If you had tossed yours, cardboard boxes can be used. It is important to use new boxes so there is no weakness in the stability of the container as electronic items are often a bit heavy. Use packing peanuts to cushion your items in the boxes. Before packaging, take photographs of each item while it is still wired. This will help you set it up correctly at your new home. 

Safeguarding Framed Artwork Or Mirrors

When packing glass frames or mirrors, you will want an appropriate sized box for each individual item. Moving companies usually have flatter boxes for these items if you ask. Wrap each item in bubble wrap and tape it into place. Wad up pieces of newspaper and push them down into the bottom of the box. Slide your bubble wrapped item into the box and fill in any space on each side of the item with more pieces of wadded up newspaper. This will make the box sturdy and the glass will be less likely to shatter. Tape the top of the box and draw an "X" on the side where the glass is located to alert movers to be careful with this item. You can also write what the contents are on the outside of the box.


1 February 2016

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