Moving? Make Sure You Pack With The Unpacking Process In Mind


Moving is a huge endeavor. After you've already put everything into boxes, loaded it into a moving truck, and then carried it into your new residence, you're not going to look forward to then unpacking everything. So, do yourself a favor and follow these tips during the packing process. They'll make the unpacking process a bit simpler and easier on you.

Color code your boxes.

Develop a basic color coding scheme in which you mark all of the boxes that belong in the bathroom one color, boxes for the kitchen another color, those for your bedroom a third color, and so forth. An easy way to do this is to buy colored tape and tape the boxes shut with the color you've chosen for the room that box needs to go in. Write down your colors and which rooms they pair with on a sheet of paper so that you and anyone who helps you move can reference it as needed. This way, you won't have to shuffle boxes from room to room during the unpacking process. They'll be easy to sort as you take them off the moving truck.

Choose smaller boxes over larger ones.

This helps in several ways. First off, it makes sorting boxes easier after your arms are already tired from packing, loading and unloading the truck. Second, it makes it easier to motivate yourself during the unpacking phase. It's easier to psyche yourself up to unpack a little box than a massive one.

Pack a "first night" box.

Place the essentials you need for the first night or two in your new home in a separate box. This way, you won't be forced to fully unpack that first night – and you won't have to dig through 10 boxes to find your toothpaste or PJs, either. Your "first night" box should contain basic hygiene items, a few outfits, basic kitchen necessities (like a plate, silverware, and maybe a coffee maker with some coffee.)

Put essentials in different boxes than non-essentials.

In each room, there are going to be things you really need and things that are less necessary. For example, in the kitchen, your dishes, knives and measuring cups are basic essentials. But the pasta maker and specialty ice cream scoops are luxury items you can certainly do without for a while. Packing the essentials in different boxes than the non-essentials allows you to focus on unpacking the essentials first, and then putting off unpacking the non-essentials at a later date after you've had more time to settle in. You can differentiate essential and non-essential boxes by just marking all of the essential boxes with an "X."

There will always be activities that are easier and more exciting than unpacking after a move, but with the tips above, unpacking will be a bit more bearable. Contact a business, such as Men On The Move for more information. 


26 May 2016

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