How To Choose A Storage Unit For Doomsday


Preppers all over the world are constantly gearing up to face the next civilization destroying challenge. Currently, around 3 million Americans consider themselves to be preppers, and they firmly believe in being better safe than sorry. No matter whether you're preparing to deal with war, economic collapse or a pandemic, you'll find a storage unit able to help stash your gear.

Location, Location, Location

If society as you know it decides to collapse, you're going to want a stash of supplies close to home base. Ideally you want the unit to be within walking distance, so you can access your supplies quickly in the event of an emergency. Another point to consider is the proximity of the storage unit to the perimeter of the storage facility. Units closer to the edges may be targeted by looters first, so it may be best to choose a unit closer to the middle of the facility to buy more time.

Climate Controlled Storage And Other Options

Many newer storage units are climate controlled. This makes these units ideal for storing additional foods and medicines. The stable environment offered by a climate controlled unit can prevent supplies from expiring sooner from extreme temperature changes. However, if you decide to store food or medicine in a unit, be sure to check on your stock frequently. You should also date it, and rotate it out before expiration.

Another specialty storage unit option would be a mobile storage unit. Many of these units are smaller, but they can hold plenty of supplies. The mobility of these units makes them ideal for if you have to beat a hasty retreat.

Additional Considerations

For standard storage units, without climate control you should store nonperishable items. Things like toilet paper, bicycles, spare parts and camping equipment could all easily find their home here. If you're looking to deter looters, consider mislabeling the boxes closest to the front. Looters probably won't be scoping out boxes titled "office supplies" or "toys" in the event of an emergency. You could use color coded markers or stickers to help you identify the true contents of the boxes.

Another point to consider is to try not to fill the unit to capacity. If you're looking to grab and go, the last thing you're going to want to do is to sort through a jam packed storage unit. You should focus on storing the essentials.

Be Respectful

Before you begin any storage unit prepping endeavor, make sure the things you're storing are accepted by your storage facility. Many items such as fuels, guns and ammunition may be prohibited by your storage facility. If you have any questions, be sure to confirm what you want to store is approved by the facility. If you're looking for a storage unit, contact Santa Monica Mini Storage.


24 July 2015

using storage units as an extention of your home

So many people make the mistake of thinking that storage facilities are only useful when the amount of belongings in the home becomes too much to handle. The truth is, storage units can be used as an extension of your home. Do you enjoy crafting but don't have the space to store all of your supplies? Do you enjoy brewing your own beer but lack the space to store all of the bottled drinks? These are just two of the many examples of ways you can use a storage unit to make living your life a little easier with a hobby.