Make Your Move Early By Arriving Before Your Kids


Even though there is often a measure of anticipation and excitement about moving to a new city, there still may be feelings of sadness that come from leaving friends and family behind. This may be especially true when children are involved. Here are a few ideas for if you arrive before the rest of your kids that might make the move easier for you and your family.

Get The New House Ready - If you can swing it, get the new house ready before your children arrive.

  • Can you imagine how wonderful it would feel for your kids to walk into a house and see all of your familiar possessions already in place?
  • Think about adding something special to your children's bedrooms. For example, buy new bedding with cute throw pillows.
  • Do you have a family pet? Consider letting the pet make the early move with you so that it can greet your kids when they walk into their new home.

Ask The Movers To Help - You'd be surprised at how involved movers can be. Just ask the professionals, like those at Apollo Relocation Services, what they have done for other families in the past and see what they could do for you.

  • If you have play equipment that is making the move with you, the movers can often help to set it up right in your backyard so it will be waiting for your children.
  • Consider making a chart of each room of the new house with tiny colored construction paper shapes that represent your furniture for the movers to consult. Even if the movers beat you to your new house, they can know where you would like the furniture to go.
  • Think about having a gift box for each child that holds a brand new surprise. Indicate on the box exactly which room it belongs to and the movers will be happy to have it ready for the kids.

​Get New Friends Ready - By arriving to your new town early, you will have the opportunity to scope out new friends and new experiences.

  • Consider having little hand out cards for your neighbors that have pertinent information on them. Include the names and ages of your children and your phone number. Your neighbors will more than likely pass the word that there are new kids on the block.
  • Think about attending the church of your choice to find out about a youth program. It would be great to let youth leaders know that your children will be part of the congregation so they will be included in activities right from the start.
  • Another idea is to find out if there are summer programs at your library designed especially for kids. Find out about swim teams and other sports that would automatically link your kids to new friends.

Best wishes on making this a good move for your family.


25 June 2015

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