Three Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit


As you stumble though your basement closet in a fruitless effort to find a specific photo album from your youth -- only to come across some clothing from the 1980s, a china set you've never used and a few broken kid toys -- you swear it's time to make a change. But, let's face it, it takes a significant amount of gusto to roll up your sleeves and tackle years' worth of extra possessions. If you're not ready to hold a garage sale but have vowed that it's time to end the clutter, rent a unit at a storage facility. Although remotely storing boxes of your seldom-used items takes some effort, the payback is well worth it. Beyond helping you declutter, and a subtle reminder that you don't need to buy more things, here are three reasons you can benefit from a storage unit.

You Can Pick The Perfect Size

Storage facilities have units in a wide range of sizes, meaning you can choose the one that's perfect for the amount of possessions you wish to store. This setup works well whether you simply want to temporarily get rid of some boxes of old books or you inherited the entire contents of a deceased relative's home and don't have the time to sort through things.

You've Got 24/7 Access

In the past, people who rented storage units were often limited by the business's hours, which ruled out spontaneous, late-night trips to grab a high school yearbook to settle a fun argument with your spouse about someone's maiden name. Today, many storage facilities provide 24/7 access to renters and the facilities are secure and brightly lit. Sure, you might not resort to midnight visits very often, but this level of access is a valuable tool for irregular circumstances.

You Can Pay As You Go

Getting locked into a yearlong lease is never fun, but it's typically possible to set up a pay-as-you-go plan at your storage facility. Paying by the month or even the week gives you the flexibility to use the unit for only as long as you need it and prevent the stress of trying to sublet the unit to an acquaintance because your lease isn't up but you no longer need the space. Furthermore, payment flexibility is often an option. For example, if you know you'll need the unit for a long stretch of time, paying for a year in advance can save you money.


5 June 2015

using storage units as an extention of your home

So many people make the mistake of thinking that storage facilities are only useful when the amount of belongings in the home becomes too much to handle. The truth is, storage units can be used as an extension of your home. Do you enjoy crafting but don't have the space to store all of your supplies? Do you enjoy brewing your own beer but lack the space to store all of the bottled drinks? These are just two of the many examples of ways you can use a storage unit to make living your life a little easier with a hobby.