Dealing With Movers – A Few Tips To Ensure A Successful And Stress Free Move


Moving can be an incredibly stressful time, with packing, cleaning and the actual move all rolled into a very short time frame. You know how helpful it is to have professional movers on the job who are trained to haul heavy furniture and belongings from destination to destination. If you follow a couple of these tips, you can ensure a successful and stress free move.

Reserve Your Movers 3 Weeks in Advance

The majority of moves occur during the summer months and mostly on the weekends. In order to avoid being disappointed that your chosen mover is booked on the weekend you want to move, it's best to reserve them at least 3 weeks in advance. If you are able to move during fall or early winter or during the week, you are more likely to find a mover who is available and to possibly receive discounts as well.

Be Home and Ready for the Movers

You can't leave and head to your new home and leave the movers behind to do the work. It's better to stay and watch the movers do their work and to answer any questions they may have. You should be prepared for their arrival with everything packed and ready, clear areas for the movers to navigate your home, and space for their truck in your driveway or on the street.

Be Ready to Pay More than Estimated

It is possible, if not likely, that you may have to pay more than the estimate you were provided. The majority of movers are priced by the hour and a mover can only guess at how long it will take them when they initially tour your home. You can cut down on the cost by having all items packed already. A mover might need special packing equipment or materials, which will increase the cost.

You Can Tip Your Mover

The mover typically doesn't expect it, but you can tip them for a job well done if you feel they deserve it. A good figure to estimate is around $10 - $20 per mover or 5% of the total cost of the move.

Make Sure the Mover is Insured

Before you hire a mover, make sure they are insured in case any of your items get broken or damaged in the move. This insurance should also cover accident damage, theft and loss of items. If you plan to store your items with the company at their storage facility, make sure the insurance covers water damage too.

For more tips, contact a company that offers moving and storage services.


20 March 2015

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