How to Make Moving Easier on You & Your Pet Guinea Pig


Moving is never easy, whether you're moving across town or across the country.  It becomes even harder when you have a pet guinea pig to safely transport from your old home to the new one. Guinea pigs might be small, but as the proud owner of one of these personable little creatures, you know how susceptible they are to heat, cold and stress. Follow these moving tips to make the move easier on your little piggy.

If you're flying to your new home, check airline restrictions before booking your flight.

Though most airlines allow small dogs and cats on board, their regulations often prohibit guinea pigs from traveling in the cabin. You don't want to reach the airport and find out that your guinea pig has to ride in the luggage compartment—this would be really traumatizing and may result in a sick guinea pig. Some airlines do allow guinea pigs in the cabin, so try to book with these airlines if at all possible. Make sure you check with the airline directly to see whether you need a certificate of health from the vet in order for your guinea pig to fly.

Feed your guinea pig lightly on the day of the move.

Whether you're flying or traveling by car, limit the amount of food your guinea pig consumes on the day of the move. This will help prevent an upset stomach. A spoonful or two of pellets and a couple of leafs of lettuce are sufficient.

If traveling by car, make sure it's a comfortable temperature before putting your guinea pig inside.

Don't transport your guinea pig in the back of the moving truck, since the temperature is generally not able to be controlled in this compartment. Either take your piggy to your new home in your personal vehicle, or bring it in the front cab of the moving truck. Make sure the truck or car is a comfortable temperature before placing your guinea pig inside. Temperatures outside this range are not safe for guinea pigs.

Transport your guinea pig in its cage, if possible.

If you're riding on an airplane, you'll obviously have to transport your pet in a smaller carrier. Make it more comfortable by including some shavings and foods to nibble. If you're traveling in a car or truck, just leave your guinea pig in his or her normal cage, if at all possible. The trip won't be as scary if your pet is in his or her normal environment.

Guinea pigs adapt to new surroundings rather quickly as long as they stay in the same cage, so your pet should be back to his or her normal self within a day or two of the move. What's important is to make the moving process as comfortable as possible for your guinea pig. By following the tips above, you're off to a good start. Learn more by contacting resources such as Absolute Moving & Storage Inc.


4 March 2015

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