Can a Storage Unit Help with My Move?


You've found yourself preparing for a move. You might be moving across town or to an entirely new city. With so many moving parts involved in executing a move, you're probably looking for any help you can get. While you've probably already found the most efficient way to pack and hired a moving company, have you considered using a storage unit to aid you in your move?

Storage units can greatly help anyone who is moving in many situations. It's time to explore how your move can be made easier with the help of a storage unit.

What Type of Storage Unit Should I Get?

Storage units come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them are in tall buildings almost like apartments. Others are laid out over a huge area to allow for drive-up access. Since the purpose of the storage unit in this instance is to aid in your move, you should try to find a drive up storage unit. You can probably avoid paying for a temperature-controlled unit unless necessary.

How Does a Storage Unit Help with My Move?

There are many ways a storage unit will help in your move:

1. Get things out of the way. If you're moving properly, you'll likely start packing boxes well before moving day approaches. However, these boxes start to pile up and become an obstacle to your progress. Instead of having these boxes all over your house, store them in a storage unit. They'll be out of your way and waiting for you when they're needed.  

2. You'll have an intermediary point. It doesn't always work out where you can move from one house or apartment directly into the new one. Of course that's the goal, but sometimes you have to wait for the new place to become available. In these situations, a storage unit will give you a place to hold your stuff while you wait. You can simple drop off everything and relax in a hotel instead of worrying about where to put your stuff.  

3. Help you feel more organized. One of the most stressful parts of moving is when you've arrived at the new place and you're surrounded by boxes and unorganized furniture. You can completely avoid this by only moving your furniture and a few boxes, and putting everything else in a storage unit. You can then access it slowly as you move in, instead of feeling rushed and panicked on your first day.

As you can see, there are many excellent benefits a storage unit can provide to anyone who is moving. Examine your situation and see if a storage unit will make your move easier.


23 February 2015

using storage units as an extention of your home

So many people make the mistake of thinking that storage facilities are only useful when the amount of belongings in the home becomes too much to handle. The truth is, storage units can be used as an extension of your home. Do you enjoy crafting but don't have the space to store all of your supplies? Do you enjoy brewing your own beer but lack the space to store all of the bottled drinks? These are just two of the many examples of ways you can use a storage unit to make living your life a little easier with a hobby.