Helpful Tips For Packing A Storage Unit


Keeping your storage unit packed properly is key to efficiently using all your space, and finding stuff when the time finally comes that you need it. Here are some helpful tips that will get your belongings organized and safe.

Pack Your Boxes Properly

Boxes can be a great way to stay organized, but boxes will begin to collapse on themselves if they are not properly packed and stacked. Always make sure that your boxes are filled to the very top, especially if they are on the bottom of a stack. Heavy boxes should be along the bottom, and lighter boxes should be near the top.

Disassemble Fragile Items

Anything that has glass in it, such as a coffee table or china cabinet, has the potential to break if you store it fully assembled. Thankfully, items like these allow you to take the glass out for storing separately. Wrap the glass in a cushioned material like bubble wrap, and group all the glass together in a part of your storage unit that has a minimal risk of being bumped into.

Use Drawers As Storage

If you are putting cabinets, dressers, or entertainment centers into your storage unit fully assembled, they will be taking up a lot of valuable space that can be used for storage. Do not forget about using the empty space inside these items.

Dresser drawers can easily be used for storing clothes. Blankets and pillows can easily fit inside odd shaped shelves in cabinets. Anything that is small and flexible can fit inside these empty spaces.

Avoid Storing Prohibited Items

It is always a good idea to check local laws about items that are not allowed to be stored in a storage unit. Perishable food items are typically not allowed, unless the item is permanently sealed, such as a canned good. Combustible items like gasoline should never be kept inside your storage unit either. If you need to store an item that uses gasoline, like a lawn mower, you will need to completely empty the gas tank so that no gasoline is in the machine.

Create A Chart Of Where Things Are

Chances are that you are not going to remember where you stored things when you need to find them several months or years later. A helpful tip is to make a chart of where everything is with simple labeling.

Instead of writing all of the contents on the box itself, just write a number on the box. That number can correspond with a text document on your PC that lists everything inside of the box. It will make finding things a breeze, as you can simply search the text document for the item you are looking for, and you will find the numbered box that it is in.

Following these tips will help make storing your belongings a breeze. If you're looking for a storage facility in your area, visit Epic Group Inc.


13 February 2015

using storage units as an extention of your home

So many people make the mistake of thinking that storage facilities are only useful when the amount of belongings in the home becomes too much to handle. The truth is, storage units can be used as an extension of your home. Do you enjoy crafting but don't have the space to store all of your supplies? Do you enjoy brewing your own beer but lack the space to store all of the bottled drinks? These are just two of the many examples of ways you can use a storage unit to make living your life a little easier with a hobby.